28th November 2022,
डॉ. बी.आर. अम्बेडकर राष्ट्रीय विधि विश्वविद्यालय, सोनीपत

 || नीयते विवक्षिताथ॔ः अनेनइति न्यायः ||

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Digital Resources

SCC Online: – With continuously updated databases and latest judgments available even before being published in SCC (weekly) or other print journals. SCC Online web edition is a comprehensive resource for coverage of Indian and International Law Reports. For more details of the Indian (Supreme Court, High Courts, Tribunals and Others) and overseas (U.K, U.S.A, Bangladesh, Singapore, Canada, Sri Lanka and others secondary sources covered.

Hein Online:- Hein Online is a premier online database that bridges an important research gap in history by providing comprehension coverage from the inception of more than, 2800 law-related periodicals, as well as all essential government documents, constitution, world trials and much more.

EBC Reader: – EBC Reader is the largest and most advanced legal e-Library, which automatically updates itself with the latest editions of quality e-books: EBC Reader facilitates 350+ legal titles including leading EBC textbooks, Dictionaries, legal interest books, Manuals, commentaries and also a large number of central Acts & Rules.

JSTOR:– (Short for Journal storage) JSTOR is a digital library for archiving academic journals, founded in 1995. It provides full-text searches of several hundred well-known journals. It contains digitized book issues of academic journals, as well as current issues of Journals in the humanities and Journals.

Manupatra: – Manupatra is the pioneer in online legal research in India. Manupatra’s revolutionary technology makes the search easier and finding a document faster. Legal, Taxation, Corporate and Business Policy databases are provided by the Manupatra. It consists of proprietary analytical content covering commentaries, treaties, digests and editorial enhancements. It creates the largest and most comprehensive online resources.

Remote Access to E-Resources

The Library is providing the access of subscribed digital resources to the Library users through Remote access platform namely MyLoft App with their Unique ID and Password.

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