28th November 2022,
डॉ. बी.आर. अम्बेडकर राष्ट्रीय विधि विश्वविद्यालय, सोनीपत

 || नीयते विवक्षिताथ॔ः अनेनइति न्यायः ||

Library Rules & Regulations

Circulation Rules

  • Borrowing Entitlement

The members shall be permitted to borrow books from the Library against a bar-coded Identity-cum-Library Card. The number of books to a member shall be issued as per his/her entitlement as follows.

Sr. No.


No. of Books

Faculty Members and Statutory Officers of the University.
Teachers appointed on a Contract basis / Guest basis.
Non-teaching Employees (Permanent)
  • Period of Loan

Sr. No.

Category of Reading Material

Category of users

Loan Period

1. Faculty Members and statutory officers of the University
2. Teachers appointed on a Contract basis / Guest basis.
3. Non-teaching Employees (Permanent)
4. Students
2 Months
14 Days
1 Month
14 Days

Reference books, old, unbound, bound journals and Non- print materials are not to be issued; however, these may be issued to Faculty members and statutory officers of the University with the permission of the University Librarian as a particular case only for an overnight.

Reference books and rare books are placed in a restricted category. They are not being sent out except in exceptional cases where the rule may be relaxed on the recommendation of the University Librarian / Library in-charge.

Discipline and Decorum within the University Library premises and other guidelines:
  1. All the members shall maintain perfect silence & discipline in the Library premises, should not disturb other users in any way and observe the Library rules.
  2. Personal belongings are not allowed inside the Library. Bags, Personal books, Printed materials, files, rain-coats, umbrellas and issued books not meant for return shall be kept at the property counter at member’s own risk and responsibility.
  3. Using mobile phones and audio instruments with or without a speaker or headphone is strictly prohibited in the library premises.
  4. Staying in groups in the Library is forbidden.
  5. Any refreshments, eatables and soft drinks are not allowed anywhere on the library premises.
  6. Keep chairs at their proper place without making noise.
  7. Students shall not marking, underlining, doodling, defacing and damaging the library material in any way. If anyone is found doing so, he/she will be charged the full replacement of the cost of the book/material and disciplinary action can also be taken.
  8. Members found staying in groups, talking loudly, shouting or quarreling, eve-teasing, or any other act of indiscipline shall be liable to punishment.
  9. Smoking / Spitting / Sleeping inside the Library is strictly prohibited.
    Notices, publicity materials/wall writings, etc., are not allowed in any part of the Library premises.
  10. Notices, publicity materials / wall writings,etc., are not allowed in any part of the library premises. 
  11. The library books/documents must be returned to the Library on the last working day during vacations.
  12. The library member shall show the books and other materials that are being taken outside of the Library to the staff at the checkpoint/entrance counter of the Library. The Library reserves the right to check the contents of the items at the checkpoint/property counter.
  13. The Library will not be responsible for any damage or loss to equipment plugged into a power point in the Library or to data stored thereon as a result of power fluctuations or any other cause.
  14. Any member found guilty of carrying any book or any other reading / published material or property of the Library outside of the Library without proper issue or authorization shall be liable to disciplinary action/withdrawal of Library services and/or fine. The nature of punishment shall be determined by the University Librarian with the approval of the competent authority.
  15. The University Librarian shall be competent to impose any one or more of the following penalties if any act of discipline:
    • Warning
    • Fine
    • Temporary or permanent withdrawal of library facilities or cancellation of membership.
    • In-case of indiscipline of serious nature, the Librarian shall be competent to recommend the case to competent authorities for rustication from the University.
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